Lash Lifting

Luscious Lashes that last for weeks.

You can ditch the DIY lash curler and mascara and with just one professional treatment you’ll have a Sumptuous lash lift that is retained even after the shower or swimming for up to 6 weeks.

Our Technicians use a unique technique combining a lifting lotion and a silicone rod to lift your natural eyelashes making them look longer and fuller.

Lash lift is a fantastic alternative to eyelash extensions and there’s virtually no aftercare required. Just wake up and get going with your beautiful lashes.

Here is what you can expect from a Lash Lift:

  • Comfortable and safe treatment that takes approx. 40 minutes
  • Makes natural lashes appear longer without the use of eyelash extensions.
  • Minimal aftercare required. Swim, Shower and play with no fuss.
  • Can last 4-6 weeks. Note; Our eyelashes shed just like our hairs on our head. This happens every 2-3 months therefore the hair we lift eventually falls out and new straight hair comes through. This is when you know you’re due to get another lift.
  • Suitable for long or short lashes.
  • Superior safe formulation which is nourishing and conditioning

Cost is $90

(Eyelash tinting complimentary if needed.)


Before arriving for your lash lifting treatments please ensure no eye makeup is worn.